Cherry Grove, Fire Island, New York


LEGENDS: Project Runway


Directed by Matt Baney


Miss Fire Island



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Community Phones (631)
Sayville Ferry 589-0810 - Link
Sayville Freight 567-8774

Restaurants & Clubs
Cherry Lane Cafe 597-7859 - Link
Cherry Grove Pizza 597-6766
   (Call for delivery in The Grove!)
Floyd's Delivers!  597-FLOY(D)
Island Breeze 597-6570
Sand Castle on the Ocean - 597-4174 - Link
Sweet Licks Ice Cream - 597-646

Cherry Grove Hardware 631-597-7090
    Fax (send & receive)  631-597-9057
Grove Liquor Ocean & Lewis 597-4400

L.I. Hardware (Ace)  631-467-1316 Check the website at for items available...from paint to grills to plumbing and electric...and all can be delivered to the ferry.
LIRR 231-LIRR - Link
Rainbow Rides: limo to airports,
Manhattan, Montauk - Alex 737-7300

Fran's Full Service 
516-967-1819 House cleaning, gardening, Etc! Organizing, meeting at the boat...Anything you want! Call day or night!

TIPP Fire Island Wireless - Pines Pantry Daily/Seasonal Wireless 631-302-6301

Philomena Sweet Treats
597-6806 Cakes, Cupcakes, and much more!

Arts Project Cherry Grove

Places to stay
Prudential Realty - Denise - 589-3500; Cell Phone 407-589-3500; I live in Fire Island all summer! -

A Summer Place Realty - 597-6140 - Link

Horizons on the Beach - Carla  597-6278

Dune Point - Lewis & Duryea  597-6261 - Link

Grove Hotel/Ice Palace  

Belvedere for Men  597-6448

Cherry Grove Guys

Starflyr Photos: Cherry Grove



Submit listings, photos and ads to
Dell Harbin
Box 4016, Cherry Grove,NY 11782
(631) 597.7208;


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